Minister Mallon seeks views on pavement parking

Infrastructure Minister, Nichola Mallon is asking the public and key stakeholders for their views on how we could address inconsiderate pavement (footway) parking.

The Department has published an options paper and online questionnaire to help establish future policy for addressing pavement parking.  This follows on from the recently launched ‘Think Before You Park’ public information campaign alerting drivers to the consequences of pavement parking and the impact it has on other road and pavement users.

Minister Mallon said: 

I am committed to improving road safety and addressing inconsiderate pavement parking has a key role to play in this.  Parking on pavements puts everyone using the pavements at risk. Drivers often mistakenly think they are doing the right thing by keeping the road clear but fail to realise the consequences as their vehicle blocks the footway for people.


“In November I launched my ‘Think Before You Park’ campaign to raise awareness of this important issue, and how inconsiderate parking on the pavement can endanger all road users by forcing those using the footways onto the road. This is a particular risk for people with disabilities, older people, children and people pushing prams.  The campaign encouraged drivers to be mindful of the consequences of parking your vehicle on a pavement and to think about the needs of others.”

Continuing the Minister said: 

“There is currently no single piece of legislation that prohibits all vehicles from inconsiderate and obstructive parking.  I am therefore seeking the views of the public and other stakeholders on a number of possible options to help alleviate the difficulties caused by pavement parking.


“The options being considered include: introducing individual bans using existing powers; outright bans on pavement parking; and the introduction of powers that would allow Traffic Attendants to enforce against vehicles found to be parked on the pavement and causing an obstruction.  We are also seeking views on dealing with vehicles parked across dropped kerbs which have been lowered specifically to help people cross the road.


“I would encourage people to respond by 5pm on 18 March 2022.  Your views will be valuable in helping us to shape policy on this important issue going forward.”


The options paper is available online via: and the online questionnaire is available via the NIDirect Citizen Space consultation portal: Paper copies and fully accessible versions can be obtained by contacting the Department. 

The questionnaire will be available on-line until 18 March 2022.