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14 August 2019
Changes to bus routes and numbers
13 February 2019
Have your say on transport issues
04 February 2019
Recruitment for new Equality Commissioners under way
14 January 2019
Important appointments made to Imtac
20 December 2018
New guide highlights accessibility of the Glider service
20 December 2018
Review of Belfast City Centre cycle lane
03 December 2018
Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council consult on controversial public realm scheme
14 September 2018
Recruitment for new Chairperson and members launched
03 September 2018
New rapid bus service in Belfast starts operation
31 August 2018
Disabled people deliver training for new Glider service
30 August 2018
Belfast station renamed as refurbishment works continue.
28 June 2018
Department seeks the views of older people and disabled people
19 May 2018
Translink backs Crohn’s and Colitis UK Accessible Toilet Signage for Accessible Travel Campaign
27 February 2018
Outcome of recent Imtac member recruitment
21 January 2018
DfT announce consultation on expanding Blue Badge Eligibility to more people with hidden disabilities
11 January 2018
Recruitment of new members of Imtac opens today.
09 January 2018
CIHT has launched "Creating Better Streets", its review of the issue of shared space and how it is being designed.
13 December 2017
Glider vehicles arrive in Belfast
30 November 2017
12 new low-floor coaches for the 212 service
21 November 2017
The Civil Aviation Authority is consulting on guidance for airlines on assisting people with a hidden disability.